Year in Review


Greater Southeast Asia’s Leading Startup Booster

AppWorks Accelerator

In 2017, AppWorks Accelerator graduated a total of 52 startups across 2 batches, AW#14 & AW#15.


Startups are international

(*from outside of Taiwan)


Have female


AW#14 & AW#15 Startups

The strongest of its kind in Greater Southeast Asia

The AppWorks Ecosystem

Including the 52 AW#14 & AW#15 startups that have just graduated from AppWorks Accelerator, The AppWorks Ecosystem has grown to:


Active Startups

+44 from 2016


Total Founders

+120 from 2016


Total Valuation

All active AppWorks Startups are now collectively valued at US$ 1.6B

US$ 432M

Capital Raised

+57% from 2016

US$ 1.6B

Total Valuation

+75% from 2016

US$ 1.3B

Annual Revenues

+65% from 2016


Talents Recruited

+2,067 from 2016


Many AppWorks startups have gone on to achieve significant milestones in 2017.  Here are a few examples:

ShopBack / AW#13

GMV: US$ 220M, Raised US$ 25M

Expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan

GSEA’s Leading Early-Stage VC

AppWorks Funds

In 2017, AppWorks Funds made 8 investments in several promising startups including Shopback, Umbo CV, EMQ, Morning Shop, ReCactus, and Intowow, while helping them raise a total of US$ 99.4 million across these rounds.

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Talents

AppWorks School

Since mid-2016, AppWorks School has graduated 49 newly trained software engineers through our 14-week free coding program. 80% of these graduates went on to pursue successful software engineering careers in prominent internet companies such as Pubgame, 91APP, and Bahamut with an average annual salary of US$ 20,400.



26 days

Search for Employment

US$ 20,400

Average Salary


Thank you for an amazing year!

Thanks to our amazing team, we were able to make significant strides this year in empowering founders and strengthening the startup ecosystem not only in Taiwan, but all across GSEA, and look forward to taking AppWorks to even greater heights in 2018.


Finance & Accounting Master
Jasmine Tsai

Legal Master

Liying Wang

Media Master

ShuHua Wang

Design Master

Tim Tu

Chief Engineer

Bird Liang

Recruiting Master

Izza Lin

Chief Editor

Yvonne Wu


Head of AppWorks School

Enid Tian


Roy Shu

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